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Hi! Here at TGS Media we specialise in capturing life’s magic moments by using a style known as reportage photography. This allows us to blend in with you and your guests producing beautiful natural and long lasting images of your wedding day. We pride ourselves on observation, and never missing a moment, always being in the right place at the right time to be able to document your wedding day as it unfolds; aiming to utilise light and composition to create gorgeous, natural looking images that are meaningful.

Although we are based in Bedfordshire, our love for photography takes us everywhere and we are happy to document your wedding anywhere in the world.

The Reportage Wedding Style

Reportage wedding photography is about documenting your day as it unfolds and allowing the images to tell the story of your day.

Our style is to be amongst your guests and be part of the ‘action’, while being discreet. Thus allowing us to create timeless, personal and meaningful images of you, your family and friends; images that will remain current for years to come.

We place a great deal of importance in observing our surroundings, what happens around us, the emotions, working around your guests to make sure they still feel comfortable. With our experience we are able to anticipate certain traditional wedding moments and therefore position ourselves in the best angle to create those precious images.
We look forward to taking your picture!

TGS Media Team.


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